spectacular craptacular vernacular

The Museum of Vernacular Photography is a geocitiesesque online collection of old photos, or, as the scrolling teal banner on the top of the page tells you, “great images by as-yet unappreciated & undervalued artists.” Let’s disregard the double negative of that tagline and explore the collection!

Lovers of the female form won’t be disappointed, as the Museum showcases Bathing Beauties, Nudes & Erotica, as well as the strangely themed Two Women collection. Other collections include Flying Machines, French Collotypes, and Japanese Snapshots.

Most bizarre of all is the My Summer Vacation collection, which features a smattering of beach themed photos narrated in prose by what seems to be a semi-literate eight year old. All is going well–The beach is nice, my grammy hates the sand, my dad bought a neat maroon Buick–until the end, when they decide to climb a mountain with Leni Riefenstahl “But, my father said that it was too dangerous and rented the video for Alive instead.”

Richard T. Rosenthal, Founder, Director, Curator, we salute you!