update: the gray lady discovers the desk set

22595847.jpgThe New York Times, like white people, is always discovering things. First it was Philadelphia: Sixth Borough. Then it was East Williamsburg: Not Just Industrial Bushwick Anymore. Then came Fixies: Zen and the Art of 1:1 Gear Ratio Maintenance. And now: lookee lookee lookee at the most emailed article of the day, as the day-late and dollar-more NYTimes rolls out of bed with its own take on the fabled hipster librarian.

SD tipster Chip Curson CC’d us on his letter to the editor:

Dear Editor,

The article by Kara Jesella about hipster librarians in new york was typically cheesy and even grammatically incorrect (what is a “coffee shop purveyor” anyway?)… the idea that people with pink hair might also be serious about their career is only “news” to yuppies who think that banking or the medical profession are the only symbol of serious, satisfying work. also, jesella’s writing style is laughable enough to be a blog post, but i guess if she wants to give sloppy blowjobs to people who have vodka drinks AND read (gasp!!) and get paid by the times then she is very lucky. also if you want to connect parker posey and greenpoint in some godawful, nytimes-way to be really cool then i think you are super lame.

please forward her this email. i look forward to her response


chip curson,

5 thoughts on “update: the gray lady discovers the desk set”

  1. Chip Curson is a pedantic blowhard, a drink soaked poppinjay if you will. His crap-soaked umbrage with the BlewYorkTimes article is analogous to shitting on my dick.

  2. Chip,

    You are as sexist as you are racist against Puerto Ricans– re: “sloppy blow jobs.” WTF, do you assault male NYTimes authors with the same kind of sexual-humiliation language?

    A little background research shows that Kara Jesella is much better than you are on issues of sexism:


    Maybe you could benefit from reading Sassy?

    Secondly, your grammar/writing style criticisms are a pretty good indicator that you have no point, or are confused about the nature of your objections. But it is cute watching you struggle to articulate your distaste for the article.

    ooooooooooooo, I haaaated the way it was written… oooooo I just hate bad grammar!

    In the future, please develop good opinions (that don’t rely on trivial objections) before you determine that what you have to share is worthy of other peoples’ time and attention.

    And lastly, I’ll second Scotty’s soak-soaked comment.

  3. dear michael bay,

    your posts are about as intelligent as your movies, and clearly highlight how inattentive you are to even the most basic elements of what we in the non-military and non-car world call irony and sarcasm. but i guess you make many, many more millions than i do, so your reliance on surface level, logic-style criticism, while lame and boring, definitely appeal to a certain macho demographic of our country… so,

    Dulce et Decorum est
    Pro patria mori.

  4. Dear Dr. Retarded (aka chip curson),

    You’ll have to explain to me exactly how the [non-sexist] sarcasm/irony works in a letter to the NYT Editor, where you suggest that a female author wants to give “sloppy blow jobs” to a large set of men.

    Are you just so !!!!Vice Magazine!!!! that hate speech rules don’t apply? Or do you believe, like so many stupid religious fundamentalists, that your pure and noble intentions are the only relevant measure of your ethical contribution to the world?

    And I’m sorry that you think it is boring when someone tells you to produce a substantive criticism instead of one based on ‘writing style.’ Personally, I think it is boring to read grammar criticism.

    Maybe we just have different tastes: I like interesting criticism, and have an aversion to public acts of sexism; and you mistake ‘interesting criticism’ for the grammar and writing style therapy that you received from your high school teachers, and you think that public sexist language is cute and amusing if your heart is in the right place (a bit like the “heritage not hate” defenders of the stars and bars).

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