When SD reader L told us about MOBA, we thought she had a head-cold and $20 to blow on the admission fee. Silly us. She was referring to the Museum of Bad Art, a not-bad-meaning-good-but-bad-meaning-bad-meaning-good collection of some of the blurst artistic endeavors ever puked onto a canvas.

Aside from wonderful portraiture, beautiful landscapes, and cutting edge abstracts, MOBA has not been without its fair share of controversary*!

The Museum Of Bad Art has been embroilled in more than its fair share of controversaries over the years. We are most humbled to make public the fact that even within the confines of our esteemed Museum establishment, within the ranks of our very own Members, there is controversary. Pleads to make public these sordid details, to purge the Museum records of suspicion have not gone unheard. We are in the process of gathering information that shall unsully our reputation.

*not to be confused with controversy