what, me worry, kein-ein-hora

comicHot on the heels of Jesse Aaron Cohen’s 50th email exhibition of photos, graphic art, and ephemera, a bunch of Brown University comic-collecting nerds are showing off their collection, organized by theme: violence, prejudice, the threat of war, environmental devastation, and media manipulation. Oy.

Naw, we like serious lowbrow/highbrow mixups like this. The National Yiddish Book Center announces a traveling exhibition of NuJewish Comix.*

*not the real name of the exhibition.

We are saddened by the lack of web presence of this show, but maybe once it ends, you’ll tell your mother you love her and give her a call already?

Real Life vs. Internets Life

Email Exhibition ImageArchivist, SD conspirator, and web-1.0 aficionado Jesse Aaron Cohen has just celebrated the 50th installment of his monthly email exhibition series, a set of curated images and links sent to subscribers once a month for the past several years. Often the material is drawn from his day job as archivist at a yiddish library/archive in Manhattan, but over the years there’s been plenty of other cultural ephemera included in the exhibitions. They are awesome! Subscribe to them!

Slides from all 50 months-worth of exhibitions are going to be shown as part of an upcoming ‘real life‘ event on internet bloggers and artists.

Quoth the Archivist:

A bunch of internet artists and bloggers who will be doing 4 hours ‘in real life’. As part of this guy Lance’s presentation, he is asking several other artists to show their work via slide show, and I am giving him all 50 exhibitions to use. So my exhibitions will be featured alongside a bunch of other projects on 8 March, 12–4pm, at the Capricious Art Space in W-burg.

Capricious Space
103 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Bedford and Berry)

Gallery hours
(from March 7–March 28 only):
Saturday noon–8pm
Sunday noon–8pm
And some additional evening hours for special events, see the official calendar for full details.