A swimsuit on a snowy day

We are totally in larf with flickr’s Commons section. Here is an insta-gallery of old awkward swimsuit photos! Here is an awesome picture of a bear with some french dudes from the Biblioteque de Toulouse! (A biblioteque is like a discoteque only instead of loud music you dance to the sound of yourself reading to yourself.)

Flickr – The Commons. Search Term: Swimsuit

Above: Young Woman Riding on the Back of a Turtle at Mon Repos Beach (State Library of Queensland, Australia), Ours et ses deux conducteurs (aka Musee D’Orsine, har, Biblioteque de Toulouse), Salon de Fete, 1900 (Brooklyn Museum on Flickr), Zbyssko (Library of Congress on Flickr)

museum 2 collabo

Museum 2.0 launches a new project this week, coLAB, in conjunction with the New York Hall of Science, which allows anyone to participate in the once rarefied world of curators and meddling board members.  From now until October 17, participants are asked to submit feedback and proposals for an upcoming traveling exhibition at the New York Hall of Science about Human Enhancement Technologies.  In their words:

Museum 2.0 is launching an experiment in collaborative exhibition design. This one-week test will hopefully be followed by many more progressively ambitious projects to develop new tools for museums, scientists, artists, experience designers, visitors, and all kinds of folks to work together to create high-quality exhibitions.

Cringe on the “experience design”, but the idea is a neat one and kudos to the Hall of Science a lot of credit for giving it a shot.


katrina katrina

Well, it’s been two years since the preventable disaster that was Hurricane Katrina.  Here’s an image tailored for Suggested Donation’s audience that is suggestive of the damage:


A new website, happybirthdaykatrina.com, was designed to offer information on the continuing crisis and recommendations on how you can get involved in the reconstruction. 

Also, on the archival tip, check out the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, which has collected thousands of stories and images.

More images of New Orleans’ Katrina-devastated libraries here, here, here, and here.

edutainment round up: convergence, emergence, divergence, detergent.

button_edutainment.jpgAre museums little more than edutainers? Here are some interesting internet link things about museums and entercation.

Stephen Asma doesn’t live near an inner city bus stop, but he does write about edutainment and museums, in his cuddly-titled book,Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums.” Asma relates the story of a T. Rex named Sue, a glam-rock covers of Johnny Cash dinosaur exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum.

Asma also examines the phenomenon of “edutainment” including the ways in which museums use spectacle and fantasy in order to illuminate and educate, how much of current museum offerings are driven by a quest for large visitation numbers and the question of the relationship between big business, politics and what we learn at any moment in history.

Less than fifteen percent of the Field Museum’s funding comes from admissions. In order to raise the $8 million to acquire T. rex Sue, the Field partnered with Disney World and McDonald’s. “To my mind,” Asma writes, “Sue represents the best and the worst of edutainment.”

We take pause to wonder how this is in any way the best of edutainment, but I guess we’ll just have to buy his book!!!~!!

Elsewhere in the edutainmentsphere:

 So grab the sphere of life and aim it /and you’ll be guided by Edutainment.


above: the edutainmentsphere in cube form

curate my rack

Boring and historically de-contextualized wall labels be no more! Museum 2.0 is here, synergistically harvesting public insight in a folksonomical moblog of tag clouds for museum objects and artificacts. It’s steve.museum, “the first experiment in social tagging for museum art collections.”

Here is another awesome Steve who lives on the web.

We snark, but SD kinda likes this project, although we hope their populist naming scheme wasn’t inspired by Microsoft Bob. And a +1 for the dot-museum suffix. May it never leave beta.