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book-twitter-for-dummiesThis is cute, if a bit obvo. Twitter for Archivists, a slideshow presentation, on slideshare.

We’ve been tweeting our faces off lately and we’ve only un-followed David Lynch. Dude, you’re a genius, and Twin Peaks is the best thing ever (yesterday was the 20 year “anniversary” of the fictional death of Laura Palmer–spoiler alert!!), but your deep thoughts are more befitting of @jackhandy.


dr_dianeThe UW Milwaukee library has a Nurse Romance Cover of the Week online archive. And there are a LOT of weeks. Oh my gosh, so many weeks, I think I may have to take my time and count them all, one at a time, full image search.

Please note how we feature a cover in which the woman in question is a Doctor, not a nurse lusting after some skeezy male Doc. Feminism lives y’all.

Found via @archivesbitch on twitter, who rightly asks, Why can’t there be an Archivists Romance Cover of the Week Archive?

omg, hi Smithsonian a/s/l? lol.

omg chattingHilarious tweet from @smithsonian this morn, a seemingly internal memo to other institutional twitterers advising and announcing a cunningly 21st century tactic:

Note: To RT other SI accounts, & still have enough room to fit their entire Tweet, we will still resort to a bit of “chatspeak” like “2day.”

We also recommend l33tspeak, LOLspeak, and web-2.0 style missing vowlspk.

DWYCK or Tweet

twitternationWe feel dirty and ashamed, but we done gone and did it. We’re on that new fangled twitter device, @suggestedD. We’ll be using it to follow similar museum and library types and to post live blogs from our desk-setting and museum-partying lifestyle.

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is, I get more props and stunts like Bruce Willis.