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A friend of ours has started a project called No Commercial Value. Seems to be a kind of new-media repository for projects which, well, ain’t gonna sell much. Per the site:

It is an experiment in curatorial approaches and merging of traditional mediums such as galleries, television and social media sites.

We wish it weren’t flash, and hope it gets updated more than once a year. Good luck, you non-money-making people!

No Commercial Value

picture pages

uncle-tuskerThis thread on AskMetafilter lead us to a wonderful collection of links of scanned book illustrations. Particular highlights are Vaguery’s Flickr collection of scanned public domain books, the Distributed Proofreaders project, creating e-books out of public domain books through crowd-sourced volunteer scanning,, and

A swimsuit on a snowy day

We are totally in larf with flickr’s Commons section. Here is an insta-gallery of old awkward swimsuit photos! Here is an awesome picture of a bear with some french dudes from the Biblioteque de Toulouse! (A biblioteque is like a discoteque only instead of loud music you dance to the sound of yourself reading to yourself.)

Flickr – The Commons. Search Term: Swimsuit

Above: Young Woman Riding on the Back of a Turtle at Mon Repos Beach (State Library of Queensland, Australia), Ours et ses deux conducteurs (aka Musee D’Orsine, har, Biblioteque de Toulouse), Salon de Fete, 1900 (Brooklyn Museum on Flickr), Zbyssko (Library of Congress on Flickr)