We stand on the shoulders of midgets

failThe Museum of Folly (MoFo) is our favorite new Fake Museum (aka Online Museum aka Blog as Museum). A droll celebration and catalogue of FAIL, they recently relocated from the basement of a civic parking garage to a starchitect-designed mega-facility, housing their collection of 2,639,934 objects. We are proud to announce that a public-private partnership funded the buildings.

Highlights from the collection:
+ Golf Ball, 2008 (Found in the rough and once struck by Andrew Giuliani)
+ Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1990s (Reproduction, written up as a great work of art by an “Art Historian” seeking to quantify significance by counting text-book reproductions)

In their own words:
The Museum of Folly is widely recognized as the world’s foremost museum dedicated to educating an international audience about the contributions of clowns, jesters, oafs, and fools to the art and history of idiocacy, wrongheadedness, farce, and foolishness.

We would like to nominate our crummy webhost, lunarpages, whose servers were down for a while yesterday, for accession to the Museum. Perhaps we could donate some of the strands of hair we pulled out to the collection.

talk to strangers

the strangerOne of the things we dislike most about museums is the bizarre combination of having hundreds of people in a room together and sharing an experience without hardly ever talking to each other. We aren’t the first to notice this, we know, and it’s not the first time someone’s tried to do something about it, but this warms our cold, goretex-shelled heart.

Nina Simon
over at Museum 2.0 is sending some graduate students (isn’t it always graduate students) into the wild antisocial museum world with a mission: talk to and engage strangers. Her plan is threefold: talk to someone, get two people talking to each other, and make something that causes stranger interaction to occur.

Go help her out! We like this project so much we twittered it and blogged it. Whew!

MoTA, Stick Around!

temporaryWe dig the Museum of Temporary Art, an at-home curatorial project which catalogues objects in 33 compartments of a small box. From what we gather, as new objects come in, old ones leave the Museum. Items are properly accessioned, it seems, and there’s an open invitation to contribute.

We particularly like Liberty in a Bottle, Sealed Nurse, and Headstone Tribute to John Dolis (RIP).

Are the links temporary, too?


dr_dianeThe UW Milwaukee library has a Nurse Romance Cover of the Week online archive. And there are a LOT of weeks. Oh my gosh, so many weeks, I think I may have to take my time and count them all, one at a time, full image search.

Please note how we feature a cover in which the woman in question is a Doctor, not a nurse lusting after some skeezy male Doc. Feminism lives y’all.

Found via @archivesbitch on twitter, who rightly asks, Why can’t there be an Archivists Romance Cover of the Week Archive?

hot live 24/7 librarian chat

librarian the original googleSpeaking of chatspeak, The NYPL’s Ask-a-Librarian page offers 24-hour chat access to a friendly librarian chatter/chattrix. Hello, nurse!

We came across this page after checking out Radical Reference, another ask-a-librarian site that specializes in helping activists and independent journalists (we consider ourselves the latter).

Thanks for the help, you wonderful people.

we spit our olive pits on your olive branch

fight fight fight!The folks over at Museumist have threatened us with an “olive branch,” clearly armed with the knowledge that we hate olives and feel nauseous at the mere smell of those vile fruit-nuts. Does this mean war?!?! And does is that image of a bearded hipster giant that accompanies your post meant to threaten us? We’ll counter your Paul Bunyon with our own, much more deadly, feet bunyons (no joke).

Ah, we kid, we kid. Welcome to our shit friend list, Museumist. See you around the webs.

Real Life vs. Internets Life

Email Exhibition ImageArchivist, SD conspirator, and web-1.0 aficionado Jesse Aaron Cohen has just celebrated the 50th installment of his monthly email exhibition series, a set of curated images and links sent to subscribers once a month for the past several years. Often the material is drawn from his day job as archivist at a yiddish library/archive in Manhattan, but over the years there’s been plenty of other cultural ephemera included in the exhibitions. They are awesome! Subscribe to them!

Slides from all 50 months-worth of exhibitions are going to be shown as part of an upcoming ‘real life‘ event on internet bloggers and artists.

Quoth the Archivist:

A bunch of internet artists and bloggers who will be doing 4 hours ‘in real life’. As part of this guy Lance’s presentation, he is asking several other artists to show their work via slide show, and I am giving him all 50 exhibitions to use. So my exhibitions will be featured alongside a bunch of other projects on 8 March, 12–4pm, at the Capricious Art Space in W-burg.

Capricious Space
103 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Bedford and Berry)

Gallery hours
(from March 7–March 28 only):
Saturday noon–8pm
Sunday noon–8pm
And some additional evening hours for special events, see the official calendar for full details.