a more stubborn brand of shushers; sterile animal breeds literacy

Ripping off our cynical gore-tex for a moment, we report on the bibliomulas of Venezuela, where mules have been employed to bring books (and knowledge!) to remote villages at the footsteps of the Andes.
Say what you want about hegemony; we’re pretty down with literacy. But newer “technology initiatives” seem a little, how do you say, “Negroponte“?

Somehow there is already a limited mobile phone signal here, so the organisers are taking advantage of that and equipping the mules with laptops and projectors.

The book mules are becoming cyber mules and cine mules.

“We want to install wireless modems under the banana plants so the villagers can use the internet,” says Robert Ramirez, the co-ordinator of the university’s Network of Enterprising Rural Schools.

Looks like he fell for the old wireless router under the banana tree!