the scan-do spirit

malamudPrint is Dead! Long Live Print! Carl Malamud for Print Czar! There’s revolution a-brewing in the Government Printing Office, or at least there will be if common sense prevails and Carl Malamud is appointed President. Some of his craaaazy, dare we say patriotic notions:

+ public access to legal documents
+ more support and work with librarians
+ the creation of the United States Publishing Academy as job stimulus
+ removal of passport RFID chips
+ making .gov sites a popular destination (g’luck with that one)
+ working with unions, not detroying them.

The man even twittered his platform.

free science

gentleman or scientistWell this is some bullshit, John Conyers, D(issapointing), MI, who used to busy himself fighting quixotic but honorable battles to impeach BushCo, is now trying to block open access to science journals.

And yes, the bill’s sponsors are getting donations from journal publishers. What a world!

Recently, government-sponsored agencies like NIH have moved toward open access of scientific findings. That is, the results are published where anyone can see them, and in fact (for the NIH) after 12 months the papers must be publicly accessible…
John Conyers (D-MI) apparently has a problem with this. He is pushing a bill through Congress that will literally ban the open access of these papers, forcing scientists to only publish in journals. This may not sound like a big deal, but journals are very expensive. They can cost a fortune: The Astrophysical Journal costs over $2000/year, and they charge scientists to publish in them! So this bill would force scientists to spend money to publish, and force you to spend money to read them.

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