museum as retail

zorbaHere’s a new one: a revolving online collection and gallery of old paperback books, hosted via Etsy. They are for sale, of course, and as one leaves, a new book replenishes the gallery. A neat idea, by a seller named Librarycopy.

The Repetitive Pattern Paperback Book Cover pool on Flickr
So Much Pileup: Graphic Design Artifacts from the 1960s-1980s.

We stand on the shoulders of midgets

failThe Museum of Folly (MoFo) is our favorite new Fake Museum (aka Online Museum aka Blog as Museum). A droll celebration and catalogue of FAIL, they recently relocated from the basement of a civic parking garage to a starchitect-designed mega-facility, housing their collection of 2,639,934 objects. We are proud to announce that a public-private partnership funded the buildings.

Highlights from the collection:
+ Golf Ball, 2008 (Found in the rough and once struck by Andrew Giuliani)
+ Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1990s (Reproduction, written up as a great work of art by an “Art Historian” seeking to quantify significance by counting text-book reproductions)

In their own words:
The Museum of Folly is widely recognized as the world’s foremost museum dedicated to educating an international audience about the contributions of clowns, jesters, oafs, and fools to the art and history of idiocacy, wrongheadedness, farce, and foolishness.

We would like to nominate our crummy webhost, lunarpages, whose servers were down for a while yesterday, for accession to the Museum. Perhaps we could donate some of the strands of hair we pulled out to the collection.

collecting what museums and libraries don’t

publicFor collectors whose collections will never see the hallowed halls of a museum but just might interest someone on the web, there’s the Public Collectors project. We’re in like with this smart, simple site, which has its share of weird and ‘why-would-you-ever’ collections.

Our favorites from the digital collections section:
Face Painting Options in Mexico City
Documentation of Childhood Graffiti From Antique Sources
Documentation of Bibles Stolen From Hotels

MoTA, Stick Around!

temporaryWe dig the Museum of Temporary Art, an at-home curatorial project which catalogues objects in 33 compartments of a small box. From what we gather, as new objects come in, old ones leave the Museum. Items are properly accessioned, it seems, and there’s an open invitation to contribute.

We particularly like Liberty in a Bottle, Sealed Nurse, and Headstone Tribute to John Dolis (RIP).

Are the links temporary, too?

more excuses to say “the orient”

the orientWhile we’re at it, we thought we’d link to this interweb “Museum” of Olde Asian Commercial Arte. The Old Orient Museum has all the things we hate about an internet Museum–a flash interface that prevents saving images and any other 3rd party archiving, embedded sound that starts automatically, you get the idea–but some of the images are neat in a kind of late 90s kitch kind of way, and we appreciate the efforts of the collector and restorer, regardless.

Also, with this soundtrack, we kind of feel like we’re in a lesser David Lynch project. Warning: do not go to the about page with the sound on. And that is all.