Bookswapping Librarians

booksWe had a great time last night at The Desk Set‘s book swap / bar night at Pacific Standard. We managed to unload about 15 books and brought back a few choice titles, including two Isabelle Allende books, two Nicholson Baker titles, and a 1999 NY Neighborhood guide to ethnic eating.

We also learned about Books Behind Bars, an organization which gives books to prisoners–all the books which weren’t taken at the end of the night were donated to them.

Thanks desk-setters, well done.

Real Life vs. Internets Life

Email Exhibition ImageArchivist, SD conspirator, and web-1.0 aficionado Jesse Aaron Cohen has just celebrated the 50th installment of his monthly email exhibition series, a set of curated images and links sent to subscribers once a month for the past several years. Often the material is drawn from his day job as archivist at a yiddish library/archive in Manhattan, but over the years there’s been plenty of other cultural ephemera included in the exhibitions. They are awesome! Subscribe to them!

Slides from all 50 months-worth of exhibitions are going to be shown as part of an upcoming ‘real life‘ event on internet bloggers and artists.

Quoth the Archivist:

A bunch of internet artists and bloggers who will be doing 4 hours ‘in real life’. As part of this guy Lance’s presentation, he is asking several other artists to show their work via slide show, and I am giving him all 50 exhibitions to use. So my exhibitions will be featured alongside a bunch of other projects on 8 March, 12–4pm, at the Capricious Art Space in W-burg.

Capricious Space
103 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Bedford and Berry)

Gallery hours
(from March 7–March 28 only):
Saturday noon–8pm
Sunday noon–8pm
And some additional evening hours for special events, see the official calendar for full details.

blogger to curate show in FirstLife

Wowzers! Blogger and photographer Laurel Ptak, who runs the twee-ly undercased photography blog, i heart photograph, will be curating a real-life art show at the tony-ly uppercased Higher Pictures Gallery on Madison Ave and 66th St. The show opens today.

If this blogger crossover trend keeps up, we should be given a seat on the board of the Museum of Something We’re Into (MoSWI) any year now.

Btw, the Higher Pictures Gallery manages all copyrights for The Estate of André Kertész, so you may want to think about licensing one when you stop by the show. They make a great stocking stuffer.


baby sometimes hiro ballroom just ain’t enough

Remember when you were a teenager and you were on that boring field trip and you thought, ‘man, this sucks, but it would fucken’ rock to party here!’

Welcome to Museum Culture as nightlife commodity. High on the coattails of the Brooklyn Museum’s (awesome and free) First Saturdays jam and the Guggenheim’s far less diverse/far more expensive First Fridays, the Museum of Natural History is gettting in on the action with their own $20 party, One Step Beyond.

The Museum’s Planetarium is kind of the granddaddy of Museum cum Nightclub culture, even as its stoner-heaven laser lightshows have changed soundtracks from Led Zep to Moby over the years. But now it’s full on party time: this month features Superpitcher and 90s techno wunderkind Josh Wink, whose 808-programmed acid house defined a decade (for candy-flipping raver kids and aficionados of the movie Go).

Both the Guggenheim and AMNH events are promoted by Flavorpill, the Todd P of the McSweeney’s set.

Will you meet that special someone under the blue whale and then get bored of the sex in a month? We live and hope.

First Saturdays via Kris! on flickr.