scan-tily clad

barbie xxxArtist turned medical student uses the medical facility scanner to secretly scan objects by the cover of night,* incredible images result. Scans produce hundreds of layers which are then color coded (by the artist) to differentiate.

The Science Times’s got the story about 44 year old Satre Stuelke–check the slideshow. Barbie has leg bones and a skull?!

*actually the facility openly donated scanner time.

caveat sexxxor

Hey, what are these? Voodoo dolls for the AIG Execs who just got multi-million dollar bonuses for failing? We wish. Instead, they answer another pressing question: syphillisDid you ever wonder what it would be like to contract syphillis in 1910 Germany? The Science Museum London presents these icky, realer-than-real dolls showing the effects of syphillis on the human face. Real hair was used in the creation of these adorable, cute little dolls. We also like the ‘related objects’ feature below the main catalogue entry.

Nothing like a trip down the syphillis-ridden uncanny valley to end your day.