The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art Museum Toilets

risdSome days are just fit for the crapper, like when it’s 44 and raining and you’ve got a meeting looming and all you really want to do is listen to music and wrap ourselves in a blanket. Instead, we’ll write out our monthly invoices and wrap up some projects, fix some bugs, and blog a little–and take a visit to the wonderful Art Museum Toilet Museum, our favorite kind of meta museum. Pictured at left, the RISD crapper, I took an amazingly well designed dump there once. (No I didn’t.) For the record, the Rubin has a really nice bathroom.

We look forward to contributing to their collection in the coming weeks! What are you most or least favorite Museum or LIbrary bathrooms? Do you keep a list like George Castanza of the best public places in which to relieve oneself?