l’archivista, ciao

We saw this funny post on l’archivista the other day, via someone’s twitter feed. It features a really straightforward instructional video, hilarious in its earnest public-service-message aesthetic. And, we guess, it does give a nice overview of the mysterious duties of starchivists the world over. It’s for some job site, because you know, people are hiring and all, but we appreciate it nonetheless.

How-to and Why-for

book-twitter-for-dummiesThis is cute, if a bit obvo. Twitter for Archivists, a slideshow presentation, on slideshare.

We’ve been tweeting our faces off lately and we’ve only un-followed David Lynch. Dude, you’re a genius, and Twin Peaks is the best thing ever (yesterday was the 20 year “anniversary” of the fictional death of Laura Palmer–spoiler alert!!), but your deep thoughts are more befitting of @jackhandy.