warhol’s fucktory?

Seems the Guggenheim’s gone guerrilla. Our favorite salmon-colored newspaper reports on a promotional postcard for an upcoming Warhol panel, “The Worst of Warhol,” whose text-side reads, in faux-ball point handwriting:

“Andy Warhol was a boring fuck and so were all of his boring fuck head friends and stupid shit for brains fans and I’m glad he died.”

This would be cool, if some dumb Warholian fuck didn’t have to claim art out of it. Instead, we get a credit line: “artist” Richard Price calls it Untitled (joke).


baby sometimes hiro ballroom just ain’t enough

Remember when you were a teenager and you were on that boring field trip and you thought, ‘man, this sucks, but it would fucken’ rock to party here!’

Welcome to Museum Culture as nightlife commodity. High on the coattails of the Brooklyn Museum’s (awesome and free) First Saturdays jam and the Guggenheim’s far less diverse/far more expensive First Fridays, the Museum of Natural History is gettting in on the action with their own $20 party, One Step Beyond.

The Museum’s Planetarium is kind of the granddaddy of Museum cum Nightclub culture, even as its stoner-heaven laser lightshows have changed soundtracks from Led Zep to Moby over the years. But now it’s full on party time: this month features Superpitcher and 90s techno wunderkind Josh Wink, whose 808-programmed acid house defined a decade (for candy-flipping raver kids and aficionados of the movie Go).

Both the Guggenheim and AMNH events are promoted by Flavorpill, the Todd P of the McSweeney’s set.

Will you meet that special someone under the blue whale and then get bored of the sex in a month? We live and hope.

First Saturdays via Kris! on flickr.