We stand on the shoulders of midgets

failThe Museum of Folly (MoFo) is our favorite new Fake Museum (aka Online Museum aka Blog as Museum). A droll celebration and catalogue of FAIL, they recently relocated from the basement of a civic parking garage to a starchitect-designed mega-facility, housing their collection of 2,639,934 objects. We are proud to announce that a public-private partnership funded the buildings.

Highlights from the collection:
+ Golf Ball, 2008 (Found in the rough and once struck by Andrew Giuliani)
+ Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1990s (Reproduction, written up as a great work of art by an “Art Historian” seeking to quantify significance by counting text-book reproductions)

In their own words:
The Museum of Folly is widely recognized as the world’s foremost museum dedicated to educating an international audience about the contributions of clowns, jesters, oafs, and fools to the art and history of idiocacy, wrongheadedness, farce, and foolishness.

We would like to nominate our crummy webhost, lunarpages, whose servers were down for a while yesterday, for accession to the Museum. Perhaps we could donate some of the strands of hair we pulled out to the collection.

Now Newseum, Now You Don’t

EPIC META FAIL FOR FAILING PRINT INDUSTRY: Via gawker, this high-larious report about Obama’s visit to DC’s Newseum today, where, appropriately, press was not allowed to cover the event. Good stuff for a museum with its own Freedom Forum (tm registered copyright).

You can buy your own tickets for the low low price of $20 for general admission, we would also point out that per their faq, the cost of admission is indeed optional. Passive aggressive smirks are free, too. Woops, that’s just for guests if you’ve rented space to throw your own program.  Also they are the world’s most interactive museum. Evar.

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