78 rpm

rekkid playaWe have a bunch of old 78s from our grandmother’s closet, but the best we can do is drink a whole lot of cough syrup and play them on our turntable at 45rpm. That’s pretty fun, but we wish we had a record player that could play them at full speed. We thought about digitizing them and speeding them up in Pro Tools, but, well, we’re busy, and lazy.

Luckily, the Internet Archive is a clearing house for old 78s. Also, the Cylinder collection, from Berlin-based phonograph collector Norman Bruderhofer.

we’re in ur tubes sindicating our feeds

americaHappy Monday blogoverse! Today we are happy to report that the guvmint doesn’t care about my grandfather’s Chrysler LeBaron and that they’ve signed deals with the popular free media sites–youtube, flickr, vimeo, and blip. Oh, and the Library of Congress will be podcasting, with official listing in the iTunes store. They’ve even got a 1000% customizable “my LOC” subsite! The LOC is already on the Flickr.