library pr0n

shelvesCheck these hot pixxx of stone cold smokin’ libraries all over the world. Yep, it’s “Red Hot and Filthy Library Smut“, brought to us by, featuring photos from the book Libraries by Candida Hofer.

They sum it up:
…one rich, sumptuous, photo of a library interior after another. It’s like porn for book nerds. Seriously. They are gorgeous photos, nearly all without visitors and just begging to be entered.


Bookswapping Librarians

booksWe had a great time last night at The Desk Set‘s book swap / bar night at Pacific Standard. We managed to unload about 15 books and brought back a few choice titles, including two Isabelle Allende books, two Nicholson Baker titles, and a 1999 NY Neighborhood guide to ethnic eating.

We also learned about Books Behind Bars, an organization which gives books to prisoners–all the books which weren’t taken at the end of the night were donated to them.

Thanks desk-setters, well done.

museum as retail

zorbaHere’s a new one: a revolving online collection and gallery of old paperback books, hosted via Etsy. They are for sale, of course, and as one leaves, a new book replenishes the gallery. A neat idea, by a seller named Librarycopy.

The Repetitive Pattern Paperback Book Cover pool on Flickr
So Much Pileup: Graphic Design Artifacts from the 1960s-1980s.

a book as cool as its title is long

time capsuleWe hereby present a book about a time capsule long buried at the World’s Fair grounds, scanned for your reading pleasure, and available at the unique and amazing Prelinger Library:

The book of record of the time capsule of cupaloy, deemed capable of resisting the effects of time for five thousand years, preserving an account of universal achievements, embedded in the grounds of the New York World’s fair, 1939 (1938)

Punch Card from the Public Liberry


Our office has a scanner, and we have a library book titled The Causes of the American Civil War (slavery! And nothing else. I did not read the book). Sounds like a winning formula for an SD post to me.

The book, which we found on the stoop of a brownstone in Brooklyn, is three days and 28 years overdue. At 1981 rates—ten cents per day—the person who checked it out owes the Library $1022.30  in fines (and in 2006, that dime went up to 25 cents a day).

According to NYPL’s FAQ website, “If you owe the library fines or fees over $15.00 . . . or have any fines or overdues more than one month old, your borrowing privileges may be suspended.”

We wonder if whoever (whomever?) checked this volume out in the first Reagan administration won’t face more serious consequences than a revoked library card.

Unfortunately, the punch card’s declaration, “THIS CARD WILL BE PROCESSED BY COMPUTER,” is misleading.  I stabbed that little bastard into a DVD drive a bunch of times and all that happened is that my iMac started making whining noises.
Ah, punch cards. We barely knew ye.


dr_dianeThe UW Milwaukee library has a Nurse Romance Cover of the Week online archive. And there are a LOT of weeks. Oh my gosh, so many weeks, I think I may have to take my time and count them all, one at a time, full image search.

Please note how we feature a cover in which the woman in question is a Doctor, not a nurse lusting after some skeezy male Doc. Feminism lives y’all.

Found via @archivesbitch on twitter, who rightly asks, Why can’t there be an Archivists Romance Cover of the Week Archive?