open access

dashboardWe like the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s website Dashboard. The fonts are large and it screams WEB 2.0 MOTHERUFUCKERS a bit too loudly, but we don’t see many other museums sharing info like this. We also like the prominent daily updates of open hours for the museum and gardens on the main site.

Seems there’s a whole interface design movement of business information dashboards. (dashboardspy)

Also, this South African skirt is cool.

“Museums” are in “Quotes” because they are “Real”

pinkyWhile we knew that the Walker Art Center was awesome in just about every way, we were still thrilled to find this gutsy kitten video, brought to us by their internet surfing superpowers.

Watch the Walker blog’s Pinky Show with cartoon kittens Mimi and Kim.  The Walker reposted the video from the Pinky and Kim show, which we should clearly watch more often. Kim explains a lot of confusing terms and finally answers the questions that keep us all awake at night: What is a museum? Where do I work, anyhow? Who are all these people?

And what’s with the stuff in the weird glass boxes?