Bookswapping Librarians

booksWe had a great time last night at The Desk Set‘s book swap / bar night at Pacific Standard. We managed to unload about 15 books and brought back a few choice titles, including two Isabelle Allende books, two Nicholson Baker titles, and a 1999 NY Neighborhood guide to ethnic eating.

We also learned about Books Behind Bars, an organization which gives books to prisoners–all the books which weren’t taken at the end of the night were donated to them.

Thanks desk-setters, well done.

*REMINDER* non-profit workers unionize tonight!

unionizeDon’t let that micromanaging Director push you around any longer!

Nonprofit Happy Hour
Thursday, March 12, 2009, 6pm – 8pm

Revival Bar, near Union Square

We know it’s not easy times for nonprofit organizations right now.
And that means it is not easy times for those of us who work for nonprofits.

Come find out about starting a UNION at your workplace.
Strategize with nonprofit workers about how they are using their UNION to address job security, layoffs, hiring freezes, transparency, and workload issues that are affecting all of us right now.

For more information about unionizing at CWA 1180, visit

After the shushing’s done

librarians are hawtThe librarian is drinking again. Cute post from the Desk Set’s much improved website, Where DO Librarians and Archivists Hang Out? We know and like most of these local haunts, and look forward to the book swap on March 30th at nearby Pacific Standard.

Cribbed for her pleasure:

Enid’s in Greenpoint and Daddy’s in Williamsburg have hosted us countless times, and always with grace and style. The bartenders are super sweet, the drinks are affordable, and you are almost guaranteed to run into a librarian, archivist or writer every time you set foot into either joint, whether they are serving your drink, spinning the tunes, or reading at the bar.

Black Rabbit on Greenpoint Ave hosted our Library and Literature Trivia night last September, and we’re betting you might spot a librarian or two at their Smiths Speed Dating event tonight! That’s right: speed dating accompanied solely by Smiths songs.

On the other side of the river, the Great Jones Cafe has been known to employ librarians and library students, and they have incredible food, delicious drinks, and the greatest juke box in the city, no doubt.

Urban Librarians Unite, a group of New York City Public Librarians meet up frequently at the Creek in Long Island City – the neighborhood that’s close(ish) to every other neighborhood – to talk shop and have a few beers.

I happen to know that librarians and MLS students can often be found at Harefield Road in Williamsburg, especially on Thursdays.

And Pacific Standard in Park Slope is so dedicated to writers and readers, they have their own in-house Bar Librarian. (barbrarian?) (And the Desk Set is planning an event for readers and writers to mingle and swap books there on March 30th).

PTP (Yeah You Know Me)

progress and technology!Quick heads up ’bout a phun lil’ phundraiser / bar night coming up, for the Progressive Technology Project. This slides more into the netroots arena, but still, information technology nerdlingers such as ourselves are into it. Anyways here are the deets:

March 9th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm!
Huckleberry Bar, 588 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – It’s close to the Lorimer stop on the L train.
Who is PTP?: A nonprofit that works with community organizers around the country providing the tools and training that move the movement for progressive social change.

Please consider a donation to PTP in an amount that’s right for you. If you can’t make a contribution this time, please come anyway and meet the PTP folks!

RSVP to kwame [at] or on facebook