SD Columnist Accurately Predicts the Future!

It was two weeks ago that Suggesteddonation’s Andy Van Slyke wrote, “we secretly hope a Poster Boy out there makes a remix” of MoMA’s Atlantic Pacific installation. (New York Magazine’s obscurantist bio brings the uninitiated up to speed on Poster Boy’s antics).

Well, it seems that the weight of Van Slyke’s Internet missive has spurred the masked man into action. On Saturday, Poster Boy assaulted the high-art reproductions, defacing, among other things, a Warhol Marylin. A print of a print of a print–sullied by a common hooligan! Scandal!

Somewhere, an art historian who spells authenticity with a capital A just ejaculated and keeled over dead.

We kid, we kid. Fuck those posters up, Poster Boy, but only if you’re going to improve them. When it comes to street art, we favor détournement and murals over, say, scratchitti and other vandalism-for-its-own-sake lameness. If you’re going to subvert this offering from MoMA, we request that you delight us.

And a related correction: in our February 11 post on the Atlantic Pacific installation we wrote, Those hip motherfuckers over at The Happy Corp beat us to the punch reporting the news that MoMA has finished installing a project in the Atlantic/Pacific subway station. That’s true, but incomplete.
The Happy Corp Global, the inscrutable advertising/creative media/promotional/design company, was actually MoMA’s partner in the installation—not just a vector in the blogosphere reacting to the event. regrets the error, and regrets that our spellchecker doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the idiotic neologism “blogosphere.”