chickens: no sympathy for empathy museum

petaVia New Curator, this wonderful bit about the latest PETA attention grabber, a proposal to turn an old poultry plant into a Chicken Empathy Museum of Feelings and Emotions. Look, we’re against animal cruelty as much as the next progressive-guilt-ridden urbanite. Free range, organic, of course. And yeah we know, it’s not enough, but, ethical and political and nutrition arguments aside, we just have to say, much like a chicken, this museum ain’t gonna fly (ZING).

Oh, and good luck getting this approved by Bobby Jindal, who will surely want to rebound from his Kenneth-the-page rebuttal speech by funding a PETA museum. Oh, funding, we forgot, he’s rejecting $98 million for the unemployed in government stimulus funds. Way to bring it home, Bobby. What a mensch!

An extra tip to New Curator for the highly literate “this reminds me of Artaud” reference.

Oh, we’ve tried so many times to be a veggie. But bacon…tastes…so…good.