The Museum of Material Culture

momcAh, anthropology as art gallery as museum. We likey! We may have this all mixed up, but the new Museum of Material Culture, formerly the Common Wealth Gallery, located on the third floor of an old warehouse building in Madison, WI, is now exhibiting a show called “Here’s Everything I Know, She Said. (Excerpts From the Research of Dorothy Hamlin)” The exhibit focuses on everyday objects and their personal, psychological connections with their owners and users, such as an anthropomorphized letter opener named Rebecca and a yellowed linen shirt displayed with a powder brush which bears evidence of compulsive over-powdering of the face and neck region.

Oh good stuff. Upcoming @ MoMC:

* Handmade Etiquette
* The Art of Leather Carving
* Tools of Unknown Origin
* Jesus Sightings: Concrete to Toast