presently: futures past

Paleo-Future, a blog which collects images and video clips of visions of futures past, lead us to the Museum of Modern Marvels, an imaginary institution from a 1937 Donald Duck short.


The Skyscraper Museum–which actually exists in Lower Manhattan–has their own take on the quaint futurism of yesteryear in an upcoming exhibition called Future City 20 | 21: New York Modern. (Nothing says futurism like alterna-punctuation marks.) True to its titular ethos, the Museum looks at the high-minded imaginations of architects and pop artists in the early 20th century through a skyscraper-centric lens. The show opens October 24th.

Not included in the Museum’s show but relevant nonetheless is the work of Hans Bacher at Animation Treasures. Bacher captures panoramas normally calculated by the perception of the moviegoer by stitching together stills from old cartoons to create large canvases of illustrated landscapes. His extraction of the Metropolis skyline from a 1942 Superman short is a revelatory presentation of pop-culture background as content.