Ayo Technology

Lauren’s post on the awesome World Digital Library reminded us of another impressive online art collection, Google Earth’s Masterpieces of the Prado. These images weigh in at 14,000 megapixels, meaning you get closer to works by Dürer, Bosch, and Reubens in Google Earth than you would be able to in person. It’s pretty remarkable—you can see brushtrokes and cracks in the oil paint, but never any pixelation.

Definitely best viewed in full screen Google Earth mode, but you can also check out some of these massive images in Google Maps.

l’archivista, ciao

We saw this funny post on l’archivista the other day, via someone’s twitter feed. It features a really straightforward instructional video, hilarious in its earnest public-service-message aesthetic. And, we guess, it does give a nice overview of the mysterious duties of starchivists the world over. It’s for some job site, because you know, people are hiring and all, but we appreciate it nonetheless.

“Museums” are in “Quotes” because they are “Real”

pinkyWhile we knew that the Walker Art Center was awesome in just about every way, we were still thrilled to find this gutsy kitten video, brought to us by their internet surfing superpowers.

Watch the Walker blog’s Pinky Show with cartoon kittens Mimi and Kim.  The Walker reposted the video from the Pinky and Kim show, which we should clearly watch more often. Kim explains a lot of confusing terms and finally answers the questions that keep us all awake at night: What is a museum? Where do I work, anyhow? Who are all these people?

And what’s with the stuff in the weird glass boxes?