a visit to the shrink: totem and taboo

ripley3heads.jpgRumor has it the American Museum of Natural History still has a shrunken head or two buried deep in the bowels of its collection. Doc Bwana, however, would rather leave fancy words like “repatriation” and “postcolonialism” to the academics in their ivory towers. His online shrunken head museum harbors no such guilt.

And didn’t you know?

Shrunken heads are popular display items in museums, school rooms, and shopping malls everywhere.


Well…on the non-sexy, non-neo-cyber-goth side of Second Life, they are apparently building virtual museums. Neal Stephenson could have warned us about this.

From a paper given at the Museums and the Web 2007 conference:

Exploratorium staff members have created… a space in the massively multi-user, three-dimensional world of Second Life. In the virtual museum called the ‘Splo, we’ve been experimenting with the social, contextual, and educational possibilities of a world in which people can fly through the solar system, scan their own bodies, and change gravity so they can bounce off walls.

Wait, wait, think of the fund-raising and naming opportunities!

fake ids: not just for teen drinking anymore

Sure, your friends in CorpAm get box tickets to sporting events, an expense account for “power lunches”, the ability to say “power lunch” with a straight face, free car service rides home from work, a good health insurance plan, a 401k (which we just recently learned does not mean a one-time payment of $401,000), and yearly cash bonuses. That ain’t shit compared to the sole Museum employee perk: free admission to all other Museums. Yeah, we look after our own. (Full disclosure: we did receive a bonus in 2006– a purple cashmere scarf purchased with petty cash at a half-off sale at Century 21.)

But sometimes two paid meals, a car service home, and a bonus the size of our last NYSCA grant isn’t enough for our fine feathered friends in the Corporatesphere, so along comes Eric Doeringer, who has so graciously supplied us with templates for fake Museum IDs. Look, we think it’s ridiculous to pay $20 to get in MoMA also, but ante up already. Props though to the imaginary “Kincade Museum,” although the greater part of middle America might be considered as such.

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The Smithpwnian: Burke ‘n’ stocks are comfortable

Sheila P. Burke, Deputy Secretary of the Smithsonian, resigned on Tuesday due to criticism about her outside earnings over the past 6 years (an estimated 1.2 million).

Quoth the post:

Burke’s resignation came on the eve of an independent report that sources said would criticize her extensive outside activities, including highly compensated corporate board seats, academic appointments, a federal commission that oversees Medicare, and numerous nonprofit organizations.